Summer is an Excellent Time to Visit an Invisalign® Dentist in Glendale

Invisalign Dentist in GlendaleAs an Invisalign dentist in Glendale, we can start treating you before the summer kicks into high gear. Summer is a transformative season for most people. As the final chilly days are passed, we are finally into the season where warmth, sun, and socializing are the norm. Everywhere you look there will be people gathering to have a good time. From barbecues with friends, you haven't seen much during the rest of the year, to the annual office picnic, and even neighborhood pool parties, everybody is getting in on the action this summer. For many families, over 80% according to some studies, this is a time to pack up their bags and head out to their favorite vacation spots. Summer is literally the season of fun, and with that comes the opportunity to smile and take pictures galore. With our help, you can be smiling radiantly, with perfectly straight teeth in all those shots floating around social media. If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffers from malocclusion, which is more commonly known as crooked teeth, don't let that affect your summer. Don't hide your smile, instead come see an Invisalign® dentist in Glendale to learn how we can start making a difference to your smile.

As an Invisalign dentist in Glendale, most patients come to see us with a very set objective, to change how their teeth look. To do this, you have one of two options. The first is to have us fit you for Invisalign® so that you can begin wearing clear aligners. The second is to go the more traditional route and get metal braces. Metal braces have some intrinsic challenges that make them less compatible with the active lifestyle of summer. For one, they look like you have braces on, as compared to Invisalign® which is almost completely invisible. Second, when you have metal braces you have to be very conscious of the foods that you are eating. You cannot eat anything too hard that might damage the braces, you cannot eat anything sticky that might get caught in your braces, and you have to be careful that no food is left between the braces and your teeth, as this might lead to cavities. All this worry is canonized in a huge list of foods that you can and cannot eat.

On the other hand, you can choose to wear the completely convenient, almost invisible Invisalign® system. The brilliance of the Invisalign® system is that it is completely removable. This means that when you want to eat something you can, and must, simply remove the aligner trays. Save it in a safe place and eat whatever you want like normal. When you are done eating, make sure that you clean your teeth and then replace the aligner so that it can continue working. No fuss, and no need for a huge list of foods that are on the “do not eat” list.

To learn more about how easy wearing aligners can be, visit our office to speak with an Invisalign dentist in Glendale.


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