Make Sure Your Glendale Dentures Fit Correctly to Avoid Complications

DenturesPartial dentures are used to replace teeth that have been lost when there are other natural teeth surrounding the area that can be used for support. Complete dentures, on the other hand, are used to replace an entire mouth full of teeth when all of the teeth have been lost or need to be replaced. They are an essential tool in the fight against tooth loss. They give us the ability to replace teeth, sure up the mouth, and allow our patients to speak and eat normally, in most cases. While dental implants are a fantastic option, they require a surgical procedure that some patients are not comfortable with. When that's the case, dentures can get the job done perfectly.

Naturally, with dentures, there are a few considerations. First, it is imperative that the dentures fit in your mouth perfectly. If the dentures are not properly fitted, they can cause problems with the mouth and will be extremely uncomfortable. It is important that you make sure that your dentures are a great fit before you leave our office. Another element that you should be aware of is the maintenance involved with dentures.  It is important to know how to properly remove and replace them, how to keep them clean, and how to store them when they are not in your mouth.

There are two conditions associated with dentures that may require you to visit our office as well. A relatively mild condition, stomatitis is a general term used by dentists to refer to inflammation and irritation in the mouth. Stomatitis can occur anywhere in or around the mouth, frequently occurring on the gums, lips, tongue, and palate of the mouth. Dentures that do not fit properly can rub against the sensitive skin on the inside of the mouth which can cause stomatitis, and if you suspect that your dentures are causing your mouth to be irritated and inflamed, you should contact us immediately for a refitting. Other conditions also cause stomatitis, including cold sores and canker sores. More uncomfortable than dangerous, stomatitis may be a symptom of something more serious which is why seeking treatment is recommended if the symptoms persist.

A second condition, angular cheilitis, occurs when the corners of your mouth split. Often mistaken for chapped lips, this condition can happen as a result of a nutrition deficiency, a contact allergy, edentulism, and an infection. When the condition begins and is mild, the corners of the mouth will feel sore, you will have pain when opening your mouth and flaky skin will appear at the site. As the condition progresses, the discomfort will go up significantly to the point where opening your mouth for food or to speak can be extremely painful. Additional symptoms of a severe case of angular cheilitis include blisters or open wounds at the corners of the mouth that refuse to heal with over the counter medication. There are numerous causes of angular cheilitis. For people who wear dentures, sometimes the excessive amounts of drool produced by wearing ill-fitting dentures can cause the condition and adjusting the dentures may make it go away.

In order to comfortably wear dentures, they need to be the perfect fit.  If yours feel loose or you have any of the symptoms above, call our Glendale dental office for an examination.


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