Invisalign Braces for Teens


If your teen has crooked teeth – we can help.  While traditional braces are incredibly effective, Invisalign® braces for teens can straighten teeth and align the jaw without the need for brackets and wires.  As an Invisalign® dentist in Glendale, we have traditionally treated adults with clear aligners but now this revolutionary option is available for older teens as well.  At Clarisse Atakhanian DDS Inc., we are delighted to offer this solution to our younger patients and invite you to call our Glendale, CA dentist office at (818) 483-9071 to schedule a consultation. 
When you bring your teen to visit our 91202 cosmetic dentist office we will examine them, take x-rays and discuss the goals that they have for their smile.  During the exam, we will let you know if Invisalign braces for teens will be effective at both straightening their teeth and aligning their bite or if traditional braces are better suited for them.  In most cases, Invisalign® will do an excellent job of moving teeth into the correct position.

When you visit our Invisalign® dentist office, we can answer any questions that you and your teen have about the procedure.  As a family dentist, we typically only recommend clear aligners for older teens so keep in mind that if you have a younger child in need of an orthodontics treatment, traditional metal braces is probably the best option for them.  One of the questions we are regularly asked, as an Invisalign® dentist in Glendale, is how aligners actually straighten the teeth.  It all starts by taking measurements, pictures, and an impression of their teeth.  This is used to create a treatment plan that begins with the current position of the teeth and ends with them being beautifully straight.  A series of aligners is created at the Invisalign® lab and each aligner moves teeth slightly towards their final position.  After being worn for two weeks, the aligner is switched out for the next one in the series until they have all been used.  In this way, Invisalign® braces for teens function in a similar way as braces with pressure being applied to teeth in a gradual manner.  The major difference is that instead of metal brackets and wires being used, clear aligners are. As a general dentist, we find this to be far more convenient for our patients. During the treatment process if your teen needs assistance after hours, we are an emergency dentistry office and can help them outside of normal business hours. 

Other procedures that we offer –

In addition to Invisalign® we offer other ways to improve the appearance of teeth such as teeth whitening and dental inlays in Glendale.  We are also an implant dentist placing the crown portion of dental implants, can give you dentures in Glendale, or a fixed bridge in Glendale for adult patients that have lost teeth or have had dental extractions in Glendale. We also provide periodontics and correct teeth that are damaged as a CEREC dentist in Glendale. For more information on these procedures or to schedule a consultation with an Invisalign® dentist in Glendale, call (818) 483-9071.

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