How Is a Dental Implant Placed?

Dental Implant Glendale, CA

No one should have to live with missing teeth, and if you are not comfortable wearing dentures, then dental implants may be the best way for you to replace one or more missing teeth. Learn more about how dental implants are placed before deciding if you should visit a dentist for implant treatment. 

A review of the dental implant procedure and process

Dental implants require a more extensive process than dentures. However, the dentist monitors each step for optimal safety and effectiveness. The following is a review of what you (the patient) can expect when preparing for dental implant placement, during the placement procedure and while recovering afterward. 

Preparing for dental implant placement

During the consultation, the dentist checks the periodontal health of the patient to determine if they need a bone grafting procedure, gum disease treatment, etc. If necessary, the bone grafting procedure is scheduled on the first or second visit. This ensures that there is enough healthy bone there to support the dental implant. Once the patient has ideal oral health, a visit is scheduled for the placement of the dental implant. 

Before the implant placement procedure

The patient should follow all instructions provided by the dentist or oral surgeon before the day of implant placement. Also, patients should ask questions to ensure that they are comfortable and prepared for the day of dental implant placement. The night before the procedure, patients should get a good night of rest. It may also help to play a board game or do something else fun with the family to stay calm and relaxed the night before. 

During the implant placement procedure

A dental implant is placed by making an incision into the gums to access the underlying jawbone. The dentist or oral surgeon then drills a small hole into the bone and places the implant deep into the bone. The patient is placed under anesthesia so they do not feel anything during the procedure itself, although they may experience discomfort after they regain consciousness. 

What to expect after implant placement

There is typically pain and swelling in the affected area following the placement procedure. Pain, swelling, occasional bleeding and various other symptoms may persist for a couple of weeks. Subsequently, many dentists recommend a soft diet and give strict instructions for keeping the mouth clean to prevent an infection or failed dental implant. Patients should also reduce the risk of a blow to the mouth by limiting physical activity until the mouth heals and wearing a nightguard if they grind their teeth while asleep. Once the mouth heals, a second procedure is scheduled to place the abutment and artificial tooth. 

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