FAQs About Dental Inlays

Have you been hearing a lot about dental inlays lately? Although this treatment might not be as well-known as composite fillings or crowns, it can be a viable way to improve your teeth and get rid of decay and correct other issues. If you are unfamiliar about how this process works, call your dentist’s office today. The dentist can go over the potential benefits for your situation. This could be the most effective option to help you feel better and solve your dental problems.

Dental inlays are different than fillings and crowns. In some instances, however, this treatment could make the most sense for your oral wellness. Dentists have experience helping patients like you feel a greater level of comfort. Let your dentist help you put an end to the painful effects of cavities or fractured teeth by choosing this procedure.

Used in more extensive cases

For small or moderate cavities and tooth decay, fillings are the common solution. A dentist will numb the patient’s mouth, remove the decay and build up the tooth with composite resin. Dental inlays are used for more severe cavities and decay where fillings would not be sufficient. In addition, an inlay might be the right course of action if a patient had a broken tooth.

Inlays have a different process

During a regular checkup, if the dentist detects tooth decay and determines more in-depth treatments are necessary, inlays could be the answer. If the dentist and patient agree on doing this procedure, the dentist will take an impression of the person’s mouth and send it to a laboratory. At the lab, a technician will then make the inlay, usually out of porcelain, to fit into the grooves of a tooth. Once the dentist receives the inlay, it will be placed into the patient’s mouth after the dentist removes any decay in the affected tooth.

Possible side effects

No dental process is free of some potentially negative consequences. Luckily, most patients should not suffer severe side effects. There could be some gum tenderness, but these feelings should only last for a few hours after the procedure. Patients should contact their dentist if the pain persists beyond this period.

Effectiveness of dental inlays

Inlays do come with a larger price tag, though most insurance plans should cover the procedure. The good news is that dental inlays are extremely durable. A patient should not have to worry about replacing one for as many as 20 years. Inlays also do a good job in helping to restore biting force, so patients should feel confident that they can resume reasonable eating habits without having trouble or sensitivity.


You should not have to suffer from the pain and aggravation of tooth decay or other dental problems. If you have a big cavity or a broken tooth, consider dental inlays. Give your dentist’s office a call to discuss your needs. The dentist can help you decide whether inlays make more sense or whether you should seek a different type of restoration to correct the issue.

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