Aesthetic Dentistry in Glendale Focuses on Both Form and Function

Aesthetic DentistryWhen you are looking to improve the form and function of your teeth in Glendale, aesthetic dentistry is the best option. Aesthetic dentistry, often referred to as cosmetic dentistry, is the implementation of improving the appearance and overall well being of your teeth and oral health. Many dentists find it hard to create a balance between beauty and functionality, but we have perfected the art of creating beautiful teeth that are fully functional and healthy.

No matter what procedure you need, our aesthetic dentistry focuses on finding a way to create a gorgeous smile that performs as good as or better than your previously worn or damaged teeth would. Whether you would like shaping, straightening, bleaching, bonding or general restoration, we know the best practices and treatments for your specific needs. Our aesthetic dentistry encompasses a variety of procedures and improvements. Some of these include general teeth whitening, shaping and contouring, fixing spacing issues, and adding crowns or veneers to protect your teeth and much more.

Our whitening or bleaching services will provide a simple fix for discolored or stained teeth. We use safe solutions that deliver lasting results. Our matching technology will allow us to find the perfect shade for you. Our customized mouthpiece will hug your teeth perfectly to ensure even whitening if you want to take the bleaching process home. The results you get will last, and we will help educate you on continued preventative care to avoid future discoloration.  This is an area of aesthetic dentistry that is readily available and easy to use.

If you need shaping or contouring, we can check your teeth and determine how to deliver the perfect form. We carefully remove or reshape problem areas with our state of the art sanding, buffing, and polishing technology. This process will be virtually discomfort-free and will create a huge improvement in the look of your teeth. It will also leave your teeth in perfect working condition with a big appearance improvement, in a minimal amount of time.

Our bonding materials and techniques produce a quick, tooth-colored fix for spacing issues. It is also sometimes used if you need additional structure during shaping. The bonding is a hardy and resilient solution to minor spacing and shaping fixes. It is also great for use in fillings. The best thing about our bonding services is that it normally takes one quick visit to our office to complete.

If you are in need of crowns or veneers to improve your general appearance, tooth damage, or chipped tooth, we have the quality products you deserve. Crowns provide lasting coverage for problem areas or cavities and improve the look of your teeth drastically. Veneers are an alternate option that also provide improved aesthetic value and color to your teeth. Both of these procedures may take more than one visit, but the results are unbelievable.

No matter what quality or beauty needs your teeth have, our aesthetic dentistry services in Glendale offer several long-lasting, valuable solutions. Our services are efficient, affordable, and impressive. We will talk with you about your needs and map out every possible solution before you make a decision regarding which treatment options you are interested in.


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