Are Adult Orthodontics Really Worth It?

OrthodonticsWhen you are considering getting adult orthodontics, you should know if it is worth going through the process. Many people look at getting something like braces and are overwhelmed by the prospects of needing to wear braces or aligners for a year or two. While it may seem daunting, orthodontics are far more comfortable, discreet, and convenient than they used to be. Besides, what is a year or two over the course of a lifetime? Your smile is something everyone sees any time they look at you. If your teeth are crooked, they will notice. If your smile is beautiful, it can light up the room. The small sacrifice you make today can positively impact the rest of your future.

Adult Orthodontics for Your Health

In addition to drastically improving your appearance, adult orthodontics can also improve your oral health. Few people consider the downside of having crooked teeth beyond how they look. In reality, crooked teeth can create a breeding ground for bacteria as food becomes trapped in between teeth, making it hard to remove and allowing plaque and tartar to form. When teeth are severely crooked, even floss can have a difficult time removing everything. As a result, people with bad teeth are more likely to suffer from cavities and infections. Simultaneously, many people with crooked teeth also have a misaligned jaw. When teeth do not come together as they should, it can place pressure on certain areas of the jaw and on particular teeth. These teeth may be subject to premature wear, enamel erosion, and sensitivity. By aligning your jaw, you can reduce the risk associated with this so your teeth have a better chance of remaining healthy and intact and you are less likely to suffer from jaw pain. Orthodontics are a win-win for your oral health and appearance.

Adult Orthodontics Solutions

If your primary concern regarding orthodontics is how you will look during treatment, don't worry. We offer several ways to straighten your teeth, and the benefit of waiting until you are an adult is that you have far more options than children do. Typically, traditional metal braces are the best solution for children. They are durable, effective, and get the job done. Unfortunately, they stand out while doing so. As an adult, you can choose between metal braces, ceramic ones, and clear plastic aligners. This means you can select a treatment option based on your needs, budget, and the goals you have for your appearance. For example, if you need a solution that is flexible because of your sales job, you may want to wear clear aligners that can be taken out when you are making a presentation. If you are a busy parent and want a solution that works without you needing to remember to do anything, traditional braces may be your best option. All our solutions are effective, so it is really up to you to determine what you are comfortable with. We can help.

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